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  • Hi! Sorry, İ don’t speak German (Deustch) but using machine translators İ could understand in your Hilfe:Regelwerk that in userpages İ can’t include broken links and links to social networks such as Facebook, right? İ updated my userpage but İ don’t want to broke your rules so please tell me if İ must remove something else on Benutzer:Josep Maria Roca Peña. İ apologise for the misunderstanding and thanks in advance for your help!

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    • ;) :D I´ve corrected it.

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    • Thanks! İ removed the English name 'Spanish Education System' since this is a German wiki, and ESO comes from a Spanish name.

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    • Ein Fandom-Benutzer
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  • Hello! Can you add this code to the Main Page, please? İťs a link to wikis about Star Trek Expanded Universe in other languages. Thanks!

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