Pennsylvania is a state located in the northeastern region of the United States, bordering New York to the north and northeast, Ohio and West Virginia to the west and MarylandNew Jersey and Delaware to the south. It was the 2nd state to ratify the Constitution. The Atlantic Ocean lies directly to the east.

One notable research university located in the state was the University of Pennsylvania, which, despite its name, was private. (Star Trek: False Vacuum)

It is nicknamed the "Keystone State". The state has some large urban areas, a number of industrial cities, and many small towns. Harrisburg is the state capital. The largest metro area is Philadelphia; other large cities include Pittsburgh and Erie.

In 1699, Daniels goes on a time travel mission to Penn's woods (In Between Days:November 13th).

In 2161, Travis Mayweather visits Philadelphia while processing Charles Tucker III's death (In Between Days:We Meet Again).

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