The crew sets out to deal with an Omega molecule, and get more than they bargained for.

Log entriesEdit

  • Captain's Log: Stardate 56952.4. Reconstruction is proceeding normally, although the ship still has its share of gremlins, though most of my senior staff is aboard the majority of the crew is still enjoying shore leave on Earth. I feel that we should be able to depart___ data corrupted
  • Captain's Log: 56952.7, this entry is encrypted under the Omega Directive. The Omega Operations module has been mated to the ship. I have ordered us to proceed toward the Hegemony again. The crew grows more and more suspicious of my orders, I am considering revealing all of this to them. That aside, if so I would be reluctant to tell them that the containment team that was ordered to rendezvous with us to perform the actual containment mission apparently died in a shuttle accident while in route.
  • Captain's Log: 56953.1, we have finally arrived at Earth, I am beginning to think that this ship has a knack for leaving space dock and nearly being destroyed in combat almost immediately. As soon as we enter star dock, Admiral Nechayev wants me to report to Starfleet Command for a debriefing of this disturbing encounter with Section 31.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Alright who’s the frack’n wise guy, one minute I was blasting toasters, and the next thing I know, my program shuts down and a giant blue Omega appears in the middle of the Holodeck."

-Lieutenant Commander Chavin complaining about the interruption of her entertainment.

"Well if he wants maximum warp I had better get back to engineering, so I can purge the biomatter out of the injectors"

-Lieutenant Commander A'Cillia on the current state of her engines.

"Just fire the torpedo at the star as soon as we are within range, than we’ll need to get the hell out of here"

-Chavin, about to cause a supernova

"Anything you want me or my crew to do, Ma’am?"

"No, once the repairs are complete, I want you to go back out on patrol. Leave the gung-ho, hero, stuff to Captains Calhoun, Picard and Macen, Dismissed. And Captain, watch your back."

-Captain Hunt and Admiral Nechayev.


This episode is a sequel of sorts to the Star Trek: Voyager episode "The Omega Directive". The events of this episode are a turning point in this series and introduce several plot points that are revisited throughout the next few seasons.

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