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The 15th Tar'elk was a Cardassian Guard tar'elk that served with the Fourth Order. It was better known as the Jhen Lissi Darkoram, which translated means, 'Iron-Toothed Wardogs' and was the most renowned unit in the order. (The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon)

Among its more renowned acts was during the Federation-Cardassian War when the 15th destroyed an entire Starfleet tactical wing at Hossar IV. It was also responsible for the rescue of over 500 colonists on Remurat V when the Cardassian settlement was threatened by destruction by volcanic activity.

The saw much action during the Dominion War and served as the vanguard in the battles they took part in. When the Cardassian fleet turned on the Dominion at the end of the war they were among the first to open fire on their former allies.

Ships of the 15th[]

14th Kes'elk "TobrethVel'tai" (Tobreth's Marauders)[]

98th Kes'elk "Gosarna Hrekelor" (Talons of Destruction)[]

238th Kes'elk "Broten Kha'thelor" (Flying Venom-Turtles)[]

467th Dai'elk "Dereth Vlodarna" (Vlodarian Legion)[]

582nd Dai'elk "Rhomal Gal'galeshar" (Starry Eagles)[]

  • 5 Hideki-class