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* [[New York]] on [[Earth]] is divided into two states; Western New York becomes the [[United States of America]]'s 52nd [[state]]. Rochester is the capital of Western New York. The Albany legislature considers renaming the remaining counties Hudson, but the measure is voted down. ({{Accord}}: "Lateral Drift", adapted from {{TNG|The Royale}})
* On Independence Day July-4th 2033 the former U.S. caribbean territory that was once known as Puerto Rico was finally addmitted into the union; as the 51st state of America with it's capital being San Juan, and then during the exact same day following the act of congress under the [[Optimum Movement]] the former caribbean nation that was once known as Cuba, during this time was a strong capitalistic country and a close ally to the [[United States]] joined the union, becoming the U.S.'s 52nd State. Havana is the capital of the newly admitted state of Cuba. This help America in-part recover from the devastating nuclear attacks and strengthen its economy during the war. ({{Accord}}: "Lateral Drift", adapted from {{TNG|The Royale}})     
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== Assignments and promotions ==

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