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  • 16 February: Due to a temporal interphase, Porthos ends up here from 2153 and meets Spot. (In Between Days: The Continuing Adventures of Porthos - The Future Cat)




  • USS Remington engineer Lieutenant Simone Darville is killed when an Esscherite computer storing the consciousness of an individual named Yortell invades and occupies her mind. The process later overwhelms and destroys her body. (Star Trek: Outpost)
  • Deragon, an artifact smuggler, was murdered in a Volange city bar on planet Quin near the Miragosa Nebula by agent Yammanu Lancer. Deragon had data in his ship's computer regarding the location of the Mahr fleet that invaded Kalimor. He was also a carrier of the Mahr virus and about to become contagious. Rather than risk infecting the entire city, Lancer vaporized him with his phaser. (Star Trek: Outpost)
  • Fist, the last of Mahr who invaded the Federation colony world of Kalimor, is murdered by Federation citizen Mel Hermanson after a 25 year quest for vengeance. Fist was already in the final stages of a viral infection that had forced the other Mahr from their homeworld. (Star Trek: Outpost)
  • Deep Space 3 Engineer Jack Graves suffers a cerebral infarction. After lingering for several days, his life support is terminated on the orders of Station Commander Captain Montaine Buchanan (Star Trek: Outpost Episode 75: Eight Bells)
  • Rogue Section 31 agent Mith is murdered in the city of Dannath on the Planet Uguard by former agent Yammanu Lancer after her plot to murder the Ferengi Vodic and assume control of his criminal organization on behalf of The Core is thwarted by Deep Space Three security chief Lieutenant Nathaniel Farmer. (Star Trek: Outpost)
  • The Ferengi Yov is murdered by the renegade Klingon Jenneth in the city of Dannath on the Planet Uguard after the conspiracy he was a part of is exposed and neutralized. (Star Trek: Outpost)

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