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The controversial transphasic torpedoes are installed on the USS Phoenix-X after orders by Section 31. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Transphasic Meltdown")

  • The starship USS Dauntless (NCC-75310) is relaunched from drydock at the Antares Ship Yards after a six month repair and upgrade, and resumes its mission of exploration of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. (Star Trek: Dauntless)
  • 20 June: Vincent Kelly's pirate ring is unmasked by Banshee Squadron. Kelly is captured and imprisoned on Elba II. (Star Trek: Banshee Squadron)
  • While investigating a distress call inside a star fountain, The Excelsior encounters a Psion warning buoy. Designed to transmit fear, the device was guarding a large Beast intent on feeding on the ship and crew. The buoy was causing Excelsior crewmembers to relive the most terrifying event in their lives. (Star Trek: Excelsior - Fear itself)
  • The USS Excelsior was infiltrated by a Bluegill operative infesting Security chief Lieutenant Asuka Yubari following a rescue mission to a disabled Dronigan exploration ship. The infiltrator was exposed and removed during an away mission. (Star Trek: Excelsior - The Mapstone)
  • The Starship USS Excelsior (NCC-2000-C) Locates an Iconian artifact, the mapstone, the key to locating Avalon, the last stronghold of the Iconian Empire in the Milky way, a planet with such advanced technology it could sway the balance of Power in the entire galaxy. (Star Trek: Excelsior - The Mapstone)





18 December: Captain Matthew Cross and his wife are killed by the Jelly Brains while taking a vacation cruise on the White Star liner Alpha Quietis. (Star Trek: Banshee Squadron)

Excelsior Ensign T'Kalla is killed when Excelsior's flight recorder is blown up by Neural parasite (24th century) operative Ensign Phillipe Ermez.

Excelsior Commanding officer Captain Rachel Cortez dies following surgery to repair injuries suffered during The Valandrian Expedition (Star Trek: Excelsior - Her Hardest Hue to Hold)

Starbase 911 Chief medical officer Doctor Gwynne is murdered when he is infested with a Neural parasite (24th century) Royal. The Parasite is later killed by Starbase Commander Vice admiral Athos Roarke - Parker. (Star Trek: Excelsior - Meeting Minutes)

Ensign Alex Rol is killed while returning to Excelsior following a survey mission. His killer was a Vencaran scavenger named Brezyk attempting an easy score by conning passing ships into believing they were under attack by the Borg. (Star Trek: Excelsior - "And Miles to go Before I Sleep")

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