25th century Shaolin was a style of fighting combining those of many races, including Klingon and Vulcan. Its base form was an ancient Earth practice passed down generation after generation. (Star Trek: 001: "When It Rains...)

The Calamarine[edit | edit source]

Usually referred to as the Cal, the Calamarine is an energy within each 25th century Shaolin master.

The Calamarine, once a non-corporeal species, somehow began the 25th century Shaolin revolution and evolved into joining their entities with those who mastered Shaolin techniques.

As teachers passed on their techniques to students, they also passed on their inner Cal. The Cal itself had become a massive power, able to be tapped with the right know-how, and used during combat situations.

Rune Sith had one of these. It was passed down from his Vulcan fighting teacher, Shikel.

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