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3D was the third member of Biff Tannen's high school gang. He earned his nickname because of his omnipresent cardboard red 3D glasses. (Back to the Future)

Original timeline[]

3D, together with Match and Skinhead, would be a constant thorn in George McFly's side in high school, often assisting Biff Tannen. He would also present an obstacle of sorts to Marty McFly during Marty's second trip to 1955 by taking part in locking him in the back of a parked car at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. (Back to the Future Part II)

Biffhorrific Hill Valley[]

Around the founding of BiffCo, 3D would be hired as a bodyguard for Biff Tannen, the CEO. By that time period he had traded his 3D glasses for a pair of tacky novelty sunglasses, albeit with red and blue lenses, similar to 3D glasses. (Back to the Future Part II)

Encountering the Voyager Away Team[]

3D would assist his boss, and thus Armus, by first capturing Marty and the DeLorean time machine, but failed to capture the flux capacitor which Marty had hidden. Biff nearly fired him on the spot for his failing, and after his boss' rage, 3D sought to redeem himself in the eyes of his long standing associates and his boss.

3D searched for the flux capacitor on the world of O-Town and would discover a search party consisting of Clara Clayton and Celes Tal. After getting the drop on them and threatening them he forced them to lead him to the flux capacitor. His plan was disrupted when Clara took off running. Celes, concerned for her newfound friend, jumped 3D and in the ensuing fight was shot. William Telfer and Henry Kano arrived just in time to stabilize Celes enough to take her to a medical facility and 3D was forced to flee.

After this incident, Henry Kano swore that he would not rest until he killed 3D for what he did to Celes. (Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm)

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