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The crew of the USS Lambda Paz is in a race against time to prevent a group of Human Augments from unleashing a deadly biological weapon on a historically significant planet within the Cardassian Union. While Captain Limis Vircona embarks on a daring rescue of Doctor Aurellan Markalis, she remembers how she had to overcome her hatred of Cardassians to avert a major catastrophe.

Takes place concurrently with DS9: "Chrysalis".

Memorable quotes[]

"Why are you doing this?"
"For the survival of the human race. For us to live, others must die. This war is among many in a continuous struggle for survival."
"You actually believe that BS?"
— Markalis and Snežana Ilochko on the use of a biological weapon to be used against Ventani II.
"A lot of the Cardassians are misleading and sneaky. But they’re not all like that. Just like not all Terrans are accepting of differences. It’s important not to judge people just by what race they are."
— Limis to her son.
"Do you think we go into places we’re not welcome just by evading 'stupid questions'?"
Cole referring to the difficulties of undercover work, a non-specific reference to "Chrysalis"
"And now Section 31 wants us to clean up their mess. Lovely."
— Limis on her "assignment" for Section 31
"I continue to struggle with basic social interaction. I have an intense need for predictability in my daily routines. Everyday, I take tranquilizers so I don't become mentally overwhelmed. I would still give up my superior mental abilities and my need for structure and order to appreciate the beauty of a sunrise. To love and to be loved."
— Markalis on having Asperger's syndrome
"You possess a willingness to take up a cause of greater worth-- greater than that of loyalty to the Federation, your ship, your crew. As much as your captain vilifies Section 31, we did a good deed today."
— Cole congratulating Markalis on her mission's success.

Background information[]

  • Title refers to a quote from Thomas Paine's Common Sense (1776), where Paine stated, "The sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." [1]



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