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"A Long Way" was the first episode of season one of Star Trek: Helen.


As the Chapter begins, the USS Helen is in a state of disarray as they've fallen through a wormhole that had destabilized. As astrometric sensors came back up, the crew found themselves 2.7 million light years from home in the Triangulum Galaxy.

As the chapter continues, we start to see how the Helen arrived in the Triangulum Galaxy, starting with Captain Selva and Lieutenant Drash arriving at the ship prior to its launch. And then its mission into the Estari system and the encounter with the Shaarot warship. When a Shaarot Transphasic Torpedo interacted with the wormhole, it became destabilized which deposited the Helen in the Triangulum Galaxy.

Realizing that their supplies were low, the Senior Staff agreed to send one of the ship's Runabouts to a nearby system with an M-Class planet. Before they left though, Selva announced to the crew that they had been trapped in the Triangulum Galaxy and that it would take them 300 years at maximum warp to get back home.

When the team arrived in the system, they were greeted by the local Governor, Rajeeck Riconte, who welcomed them to the system and identified the government as the Nadorian Alliance. While back on the Helen, sensors picked up a ship approaching. On the planet, Riconte told the away team more about the Nadorian Alliance and a group of rebel pirates called the Sintaro. After leaving however, Riconte reported to the leader of the Alliance that the Helen would be very valuable to them.

At the same time, the Helen had been attacked by the Sintaro raiding vessel Octia, but after realizing the Helen was not part of the Nadorian Alliance, they ceased their attack and called for a meeting on board the Helen. The Sintaro Captain Iwari told Selva about the history of the Nadorian Alliance in this area of space, and offered to provide resources.

The Nadorians had sent two ships after the Runabout, and opened fire at first on the Octia, and then on the Helen when Selva ordered them to return fire. After driving the Nadorians off, the crew set a course into Pasori Space, which was the only species in the area that wasn't conquered by the Nadorians.

Upon arrival in Pasori Space however, the ship went under the Omega Directive.


"We may be a long way from home; it may take 300 years to get back to the Federation. But we will not give up so easily, even if it takes that long, we will survive."
— Opening Quote
"I am here to tell you the truth, the wormhole we entered interacted with a Shaarot Transphasic Torpedo, causing it to destabilize. As a result, we have traveled further than we had anticipated; we are currently on the far edge of the Triangulum Galaxy, at warp 9.9 it will take us 300 years to get back home. The wormhole has destabilized, and has been destroyed; we have no way to go but forward. We have a long journey ahead of us, my only regret is that we may never see our families again, but I swear I will do my best to get us home, before 300 years. We must not forget that no matter what has happened, we are still Starfleet, and that is something that we must never give up. Even as we face this great unknown, now we truly must boldly go where no one has gone before. I thank you for your time, and good luck, to all of you."
— Selva

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