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Captain Aamin Dalar was a professor of Cardassian history at Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: Remington)


Aamin was previously a decorated gul who commanded the Sixth Order. The order suffered a humiliating defeat, which Dalar claimed was due to sabotage by someone within his crew, at the Battle of Tol Mara IV during the Federation-Cardassian War and lost favor with the government. Aamin's bitterness over the Central Command's reaction to his defeat led him to join a dissident movement on Cardassia Prime. When the Central Command discovered Aamin's membership in the movement, he was severely punished with financial and social sanctions, though due to his status as a war hero, this was kept secret by the government.

In 2365, the political pressure on Aamin became too great, so he fled Cardassian territory with his wife Kela and son Golin. They applied for political asylum in the Federation, which was granted.

By 2383, Aamin had been given a Starfleet commission as a captain to serve as a professor of Cardassian history at Starfleet Academy.

Service jacket[]

Previous assignments[]

Gul Commanding officer Sixth Order
Captain 2383- Professor of Cardassian History Starfleet Academy