Actus Humanus, Actus Hominis is the third chapter in the fan fiction story of the Star Trek: Grissom fan fiction series.


Immediately after the events at Cinera Base, the crew of the USS Grissom have no time to rest on their laurels. Many questions remain unanswered. What exactly was Terlis up to at Cinera Base? Who in Starfleet was supporting his vile experiments? What, if anything, do the Klingons have to do with this? Can Admiral Alexander McKnight and Captains Lawrence Styles and Jeffery Pierce give any answers to Captain J.T. Esteban? Meanwhile, Admiral James T. Kirk advises Lieutenant Saavik of her new assignment.


Aabin; Andorian; April, Robert; Atkins, Mark; Batlh-class shuttle; brig; Britain; Cardiff; cargo bay; Casas, Juan; Chaffee; Chattman, Christopher; Childers, Brian; Cinera Base; Constellation-class; Copernicus Ship Yards; Deltan; Dublin; Earth Cold War; Elysian; Emmet, Robert; Enterprise, USS; Epsilon Mynos system; Esteban, J.T.; Excalbian; Excelsior, USS; Genesis Planet; Golden Gate bridge; Graav; Grissom, USS; Hathaway, USS; Hewson, Paul; House of Reshtarc; human; Irish; Jata, Bacari; Kirk, James T.; Klingon; Klingon Empire; Krahl; Lara; Lexington, USS; Mathias, Dawn; Marcus, Carol; Marcus, David; Martin; McAulifee; McKnight, Alexander; McKnight, Angelica; McKnight, Jason; McKnight, Michelle; McLoughlin, Kara; Miranda-class; Morrow, Harry; Mount Seleya; Muggle; Organia; Organian; Orion; Ottair, Stephanie; Pacifica; Pierce, Jeffery; Potemkin, USS; Presidio; Regula I; Richardson; Romulan; Rura Pente; Ryben; S'Raazh, Vindizhei; Saavik; San Francisco; Sato, Rebecca; Seipeál, Elizabeth; Serene Wind-class; Solak; Spacedock 1; Spock; Starbase 67; Starfleet; Starfleet Chief of Staff; Starfleet Command; Styles, Lawrence; T'Ping; Tempest, USS; Terlis; Thorsen, Lars; Treaty of Organia; Turner; Vulcan; Vulcan lute; Welsh; Wood, Rachel; Work bee