Star Trek Expanded Universe

Adam Mallory was a Starfleet science officer in the late 24th and early 25th centuries. He graduated Starfleet Academy in 2388, and the following year he was stationed on Starbase 185. After several other assignments, he eventually returned to Starbase 185 as a lieutenant in the year 2400. Adam took the post of xenoarchaeologist, but upon his arrival, he found himself to be the ranking science officer, since the station's previous chief science officer disappeared weeks earlier.

The son of Brian Mallory, Adam was 3/4 human, with a mix of Betazoid and El-Aurian ancestry. His telepathy often gave him headaches, which intensified in large crowds. (Typhon Station, Leto Colony)

In images created for the game in 2002, Adam Mallory was portrayed by actor Ben Affleck. This portrayal was later superseded, and Adam has since been played by Matthew Gray Gubler, with Max Charles portraying him as a child.