Adonis and Aphrodite is a story set in aboard the USS Black Hawk under the command of Admiral Jeffery Higdon. The story revolves around the 263rd Marine Strike Group, the USS Black Hawk's embarked Marine Detachment, and particularly its commanding officer, Major William Hof.

The story is told through the eyes of numerous individuals from the Black Hawk, the 263rd Marine Strike Group, Federation civilians, and the enemy force. The story is currently on-going.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Taking place seven years after the Dominion War, the USS Black Hawk has been tasked with a diplomatically sensitive mission to the newest member of the Federation, the planet Lo'Sard. The mission involves transporting the Federation Ambassador and his embassy to Lo'Sard, and a contingent of civilian contractors who will begin construction of a new shipyard in planetary orbit.

Shortly after arrival, a series of seemingly unrelated and deadly events erupt, all of which cast the Black Hawk and its crew in a hostile light. It soon becomes apparent that these events were orchestrated by the Lo'Sard military to discredit the Federation. The Lo'Sard military uses these 'provocations' to launch a coup against the planetary government and threaten the two groups of Federation civilians currently on the surface - the same civilians that the Black Hawk had recently transported to the planet.

Because of planet-wide scattering field activated by the Lo'Sard military, the Black Hawk cannot simply transport the civilians to safety. This forces the Black Hawk to deploy the 263rd to the surface in order to protect the civilians. The story then follows the actions of these marines to protect their charges and survive until reinforcements can arrive.

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