Aeon Rune was born in the 24th century, but was accidentally brought to the 26th century during a mission. After two years in the new century, he became an Intelligence officer aboard the USS Enterprise. (Star Trek: Enterprise-J)


Rune was born on a distant asteroid, where a human colony lived, in 2358. Life on the colony for Rune contained being in a meditative state for at least everyday. Through the colony, he learned to appreciate nature. The colonists taught all their children, including Rune, martial arts. Growing up there, he developed speed, accuracy, and strength.

Years later, in Rune's adolescence, his colony was attacked by space-entities. There were only a few survivors; those including Rune. It was then Rune became aware at the scope of the universe and decided to join Starfleet Academy to ready himself for it.

On his first year out of the Academy, he was positioned as a security officer on board the refitted USS Bozeman, when a league of Na'kuhl temporal enemies had dropped out of a badly-made time-rift to attack them. The fight pursued unphased, except for when he had accompanied an away team to the Na'kuhl vessel which was hovering backward too closely to the rift. In mid-combat the entire away team was scattered throughout time and space, out-putted in random timelines and places in the universe.

Rune, himself, had found that he landed in the 26th century. Explaining his story to Starfleet and the Federation, he was told he could never return to the past. Aeon Rune was forced to accept his circumstances and offered to re-take Starfleet Academy in a two-year 'update' course. Upon successful graduation, Rune joined Starfleet Intelligence.

Starfleet Intelligence had been impressed at his endurance and capability, and began working with him in the odd covert operation and intelligence gathering. After two years of that, Rune decided that he wanted to travel the stars more.

Starfleet Intelligence had decided to let him pursue his dreams in appreciation for his work so they transferred him to the top starship in the fleet, the USS Enterprise.


  • Place of Birth: Unknown Asteroid Community somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
  • Qualifications: 4 Years of 24th century Starfleet *Training, 2 Years of 26th century Update Starfleet *Training, 2 Years Special Undercover Intelligence Operations
  • Awards: Winner of the Federation Fighting Competition (24th century) | Medal of Valor for saving lives while on the USS Bozeman (24th century) | Medal of Exceptional Intelligence Work (26th century)

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