Dr. Allan P. Murrow was a rogue geneticist who "fathered" a series of augments eventually known as The Wild Roses.

Personal History[edit | edit source]

Murrow defected to the Cardassians around 2355 when they requested his services to create series of human "spies". From "raw DNA," he "designed" and gave life to a series of genetically engineered Humans with increased intelligence and strength. Owing to the fact that previous generations of these "augments" had turned on their creator, he was deliberately non-involved with their upbringing, even going so far as to refer to them by numbers instead of names. By the time they were ready to use them for their intended purpose, the Cardassians began peace negotiations with the Federation. (USS Baldwin: "Departure")

One of his "daughters" — designated "Number Six" by Murrow — defected to the Federation and chose the name Roslyn for herself, a name which Murrow found fitting. Under orders from the Dominion-controlled Cardassian government, and with help from the Jem'Hadar, he re-captured Roslyn . However, he underestimated the bond between Roslyn and her sisters, as another girl — "Number Seven" — helped the USS Baldwin crew rescue Roslyn and capture Murrow. Number seven joined the Baldwin crew, taking the name Bridget. (USS Baldwin: "The Find")

Murrow escaped Federation custody with the help of Khan. He subsequently worked for Khan so that he may continue his genetic research, using Dominion technology to create a new breed of Jem'Hadar that do not need constant Ketracel-white. (USS Baldwin: "Evolution")

Regret and Repentance[edit | edit source]

When word got around that Baldwin captain Patrick Ingrum was marrying one of his progeny, he regretted his non-attachment to them. (USS Baldwin: "Drift off to Dream") When Patrick was subsequently captured by Khan, he conversed extensively with the captain to learn how his children were doing, including Bridget's impending motherhood. When an away team came to break Patrick out, he helped them by flooding the ship with neurocine gas. He asked of Patrick to give his daughter the love that he denied her mother. (USS Baldwin: "Departure")

In a briefing regarding Khan, Patrick suggested that Dr. Murrow be granted immunity from his past actions in exchange for information regarding Khan. Patrick also noted that he was sort of a 'mad scientist,' seeking to understand humanity through genetic manipulation. (USS Baldwin: "Frontiers")

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Dr. Murrow's referral of Roslyn as "number six" is also a reference to The Prisoner. In "The Find", Roslyn responds to Murrow with a version of Patrick McGoohan's "I'm not a number" line.

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