Captain Alec Grigory was a seasoned space veteran, an able commander who had commanded four star ships in his life time. (Star Trek: Eagle, Project Potemkin)

Starfleet Career[edit | edit source]

Grigory graduated Starfleet Academy in 2265 and was assigned to the USS Marengo, on his first mission was captured and taken prisoner by Orion pirates for several months until he was rescued by the USS Bismarck. (Star Trek: Eagle).

Later in his career as a captain, one of his ships was shot out from beneath him by Acamarian pirates. He was a soft spoken man of Russian descent. In the 2290s, he was promoted to captain of the USS Potemkin. Being commander of a Federation starship named for a historical Russian vessel was a great honor for him.

Grigory died in 2299 as he went down with his ship as he gave time for his crew to escape during a battle with the Romulans. (Project Potemkin)

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