Aleea was an Ekosian woman who was a cultural expert and under-cover agent who worked for the Ekosian-SS under General Noric.

Early career

Aleea grew up in one of the more violent areas of the Ekosian home world. When she was a child she witnessed her father being wounded in battle during a local gang conflict. The site of such violence made her open to the idea of unification under the Ekosian Nazi Party of (unknown federation observer) John Gill.

Operation Melakon

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In 2268 she was stationed at the Reich's chancellery when she heard of the death of the Führer. After the failed invasion of Zaon she was given a position on the planatoid Ehre as a secretary and assistant of General Noric. Unknown to the Ekosian and Zaon governments, Noric and the rest of the base staff began using their resources to plan a plot to eliminate the two leaderships. Aleea, along with the rest of the base's forces, had to swear loyalty to Noric and to keep the secrecy about the new project, a nuclear weapon aimed at vaporizing the Zaon home world's largest cities. This plot would be code named Operation Melakon.

In 2270 plot was put into action. This was thanks in no small part to Aleea's ability to convince a starfleet officer, Mark Brennen, to unknowingly assist them in the final stages of the completion of the new weapon. The use of the new super weapon saw the total destruction of the Signy island city along with the deaths of much of the Zaon government and Eneg himself. Although, the Zaon and Ekosian star forces quickly over ran the SS base on Ehre, Aleea used a disrupter to stun Brennen, thereby saving him from being possibly killed in battle. Although 37 Ekosian POWs were taken it is unknown if Aleea was among them. (Star Trek: Eagle- Patterns of Destruction (Eagle episode))

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