Star Trek Expanded Universe
Planet: Destroyed
Government: Alkanden Merchant Conferedacy
Form of Government: Confederation
Executive: Chairman
Head of State: Aronek
Founded: 2330s
Formation: Synoecism
Location: Oralian sector
Capital: Alkanden Outpost 1
Legislature: Board of Directors
Military: Security Forces
Commander: Chief
Currency: Barter

The Alkanden are nomadic species from the Oralian sector. The crew of the USS Pioneer encountered them while on a mission to deliver Federation Special Envoy Dr. Lucus Kesar to a meeting with the So'ja Resistance. (Star Trek: Pioneer: "Depection and Attraction")


The Alkanden are a group of space merchants who have no really homeworld. They were known as the trash species of the Oralian sector, until they began operating space stations for merchants and traders. These space stations became known as Alkanden Outposts. These outposts eventually became the home of many Alkanden and became the centers of trade in the Oralian sector and parts of the Kai Imperium territory. After forming these outposts, the Alkanden banded together to form the Alkanden Merchant Confederacy.


The Alkanden are a tall lanky people who have beaks that are covered with a brownish green skin. Their necks and heads look similar to a chicken; with all its feathers plucked out. Their arms are held in front of their chests similar to a velociraptor or similar dinosaurs. The rest of their form is similar to humans. The have three toes, while having four fingers on their hands. They allow their nails to grow into what some may call claws, they do this out of a tradition, which they no longer remember. According to Alkanden historians, it is a tradition that dates back to the period where the Alkanden had a homeworld.

Notable Alkanden[]

  • Crunek - Chief of Operations of AO-5
  • Dunek - Security Chief of AO-5
  • Aronek - Chairman of the Alkanden Merchant Conferedacy