"We need a big win, for the sake of morale if nothing else. ... I've always been good at winning."
Captain Kanril Eleya

"All In" is a Star Trek Online fanfic by StarSword, written for Unofficial Literary Challenge #14: "The Sound of Q-sic" on the Arc Forums.

"All In" is a short story written as a bridging tale between Beat the Drums of War and an unnamed adaptation of the mission "Delta Flight". The title derives from the poker term for putting all available chips into the pot, which is used in-story.


As the USS Bajor travels to the Calbriden system to join up with Commodore Tom Paris and his Delta Flight task force, the senior staff holds a poker night for themselves and some junior officers to try and relieve stress from the fast-growing Iconian War. A new crew member, Lieutenant Alicia Gantumur, is introduced to head the Bajor's assault team after the death of Senior Chief Athezra Darrod in "Last Rights", while Tesjha Phohl learns an old friend has been killed in the most recent Herald attack.



Ataru ShanBynam EhrobAlicia GantumurWelsha KaliliiKanril EleyaTesjha PhohlReshek GaarraBirail RiyannisWarragul WirrpandaWos Talara
Referenced only 
Jennifer van der PutteDul'krah, Clan KorekhPhelha


Iconian War
Referenced only 
Federation-Klingon War (2405-2410)


Referenced only 
Calbriden system

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

Ranks and titlesEdit

captainchief engineerchief medical officercommanderfirst officerensignlieutenantlieutenant commanderlieutenant junior gradeoperations officerscience officersecond officerspecial warfare officertactical officer

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Bajor (Galaxy-class)
Referenced only 
USS Lumbee

States and organizationsEdit

assault teamMilitary Assault Command OperationsStarfleet
Referenced only 
Starfleet Third Fleet

Other referencesEdit

pokerPurple HeartTalisker
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