Allucia Artemis Banks was a 21st century teenager accidentally transported to the Delta Quadrant by what seemed to be an ordinary clothes dryer. She emerged in open space via wormhole in July 2373 and was subsequently rescued by the USS Voyager. (Dork & Spaz Productions)

After a period of adjustment and culture shock, she became a provisional officer, like much of the former Maquis crew aboard the ship. She showed a natural talent for piloting, claiming that her father and brother were also pilots. Because of this, Tom Paris took Allucia under his wing and taught her how to pilot a starship.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

11 February, 2023
Born in Montana, United States of America, on Earth
Late April 2040
Disappears into a dryer and disappears through a temporal/spatial wormhole.
July 2373
Emerges from temporal/spatial wormhole in the Delta Quadrant. USS Voyager discovers and rescues her in time to save her.
August 2373
First contact with Klaamox aboard USS Voyager.
Late December 2373
Allucia Banks and Tom Paris abducted by the Klaamox.
May 2374
USS Voyager rescues Allucia and Tom from the Klaaamox.
Mid-June 2374
Allucia begins training in Vulcan martial arts, called T'Lok.
July 2375
USS Voyager enters orbit of Planet Yamato. Allucia meets Hibiki Ryoga and makes many other new friends.
August-November 2375
Allucia and her new friends train to fight a pair of Saiyajins on their way to Planet Yamato to destroy all life on it.
November 2375
Saiyajin battle. USS Voyager leaves Planet Yamato with Allucia as the only survivor.
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