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Alone Together: A Deep Space 9 Companion is a fan fiction series table read over video chat with Alexander Siddig, Andrew Robinson and additional actors from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as their respective characters. The series takes place 25 years after the Dominion War, in 2400.


Episode guide[]

Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year Link
Episode 1 "These Days" Jul 6, 2020 Julian Bashir is called to Cardassia Prime and is met with Garak. Unknown 2400 [1]
Episode 2 "Sources" Jul 17, 2020 Jake Sisko interviews Julian Bashir. Unknown 2400 [2]
Episode 3 "Tango" Jul 29, 2020 Julian Bashir makes some discoveries about the infection. Unknown 2400 [3]
Episode 4 "With Grace" Aug 3, 2020 Jake discovers Koval's involvement with the virus after an interview with Quark. Unknown 2400 [4]

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