Alpha Centauri II is a Class M planet in the trinary Alpha Centauri system. It was colonized by Earth in the late 2060s, and is often referred to as the Alpha Centauri colony. The planet is a member of the Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets and the United Federation of Planets.

Astronomical DataEdit


  • Alpha Quadrant
    • Sector 002
      • Alpha Centauri system


  • Alpha Centauri II
  • Alpha Centauri B II
  • Centauri II
  • Alpha Centauri colony
  • Centaurus II


  • Two (2)


Centauri II was first catalogued by astronomers from Earth in the early 21st century.

In November 2064, Zefram Cochrane became the first human to set foot on Centauri II, having traveled there aboard the SS Bonaventure. He found a breathable atmosphere and Earth-like conditions, though the planet was uninhabited. Cochrane and his team would eventually relocate to the planet, and continue their pioneering work in warp physics.

After four years, through the efforts of Cochrane and Micah Brack, Earth established self-sufficient farming community on Centauri B II, supporting a fully-equipped warp (then called "continuum-distortion") research facility. Within a decade, there would be 33 Earth colonies on 10 extrasolar class M worlds.

The Centaurii races embraced the presence of the human colony in their star system, and trade was quickly established. Commercial space lanes were opened between Centauri, Earth and Vulcan in 2070, and a year later, Centauri II joined the Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets, strengthening ties between those worlds and Earth.

In 2078, Cochrane returned to Centauri II with Monica Burke, fleeing from the Optimum Movement. He eventually settled on the Lazy Eight Ranch near Micah Township and married Burke. The Cochrane Foundation would be founded on Centauri sometime later.

Montcalm Daystrom was born on Centauri B II in 2092. He would grow up to be Zefram Cochrane's personal assistant.

In 2112, subspace relays were established between Alpha Centauri and Earth.

In April of 2119, Colonel Adrik Thorsen assassinated Monica Cochrane and bombed the Foundation. Zefram Cochrane disappeared in the aftermath, and many memorials were dedicated to his memory on Centauri B II.

The Cochrane Foundation was reestablished as the Cochrane Institute on 5 April 2123, the sixtieth anniversary of Zefram Cochrane's first warp flight aboard the Phoenix.

Following the Earth-Romulan War, Nathaniel Bryce and his son relocated to the Centauri colony. Bryce went to work as a security consultant for the Cochrane Institute.


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