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The Alshain Exarchate was the government of the Alshain species. (United Trek)


The Exarch was the head of the Alshain government. The Exarchy was invested with most legislative, judicial, and executive powers in the Alshain governmental system. The Exarch was advised by the Peerage, a council of nobles. The Peers run the various Alshain ministries. Dauphins were the children of the reigning Exarch. Dauphins were not guaranteed an automatic path of succession to the throne. Dauphins also held high government, religious, or civil posts.


The Alshain military was divided into the Starforce, the space navy of the Exarchate, and the Exarchal Guard, the infantry forces. The Paladins were the Alshain Special Forces. Paladins were the most elite Alshain soldiers and they were completely loyal to the Exarch.

The Unguis were the dreaded Alshain secret police/covert operatives.

Starforce starship designations:

Military ranks[]

Starforce ranks[]

Exarchal Guard ranks[]

  • Polemarch (General)
  • Dragoon (officer/soldier)
  • Grenadier (soldier)

Paladin ranks[]

  • Ahfar (General)
  • Nadfar (mission commander)
  • Unifar (mission specialist)