Amanda Marie Cole (2132-2159) was a MACO Sergeant that served most notably onboard Enterprise for its Delphic Expanse mission, and in the Battle of Sector 2148.

She was a native of the Florida region on Earth, growing up in the same area as Commander Charles Tucker III; she went to a high school rivaling Tucker's own, and even visited the same cinemas as him. Her hometown was destroyed in the Xindi attack on Earth, but fortunately her family had moved North a few years before. Cole held the team record for sharpshooting. She expressed a romantic interest in Tucker while aboard Enterprise, though the situation was complicated by his interest in T'Pol.

After Enterprise, MACO promoted her to Sergeant and reassigned her to their headquarters in Atlanta. There, she met 2nd Lieutenant Chris Clow, and the two soon became romantically involved. They had dated for two years when the deploy order came for them both to join the fight in the Earth-Romulan War. Immediately preceding their deployment, Chris proposed marriage. Vanessa gladly accepted.

When the Battle of Sector 2148 was waged, Clow and Cole served to dismember a Romulan Vermock on the north ridge of planet 2148-D. Before Chris could react, a particle grenade was thrown in their direction and detonated two feet from Sergeant Cole. She sustained heavy injuries, and died in her fiancée's arms. She was interred at Galileo Planetary Cemetery in San Francisco. (Star Trek: Poseidon - The Birth of the Federation)

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