Amaya Donners was the captain of the USS Agamemnon and a close personal friend of fellow captain Michael Owens. (The Star Eagle Adventures)

Amaya Donners was born in July of 2334 in Shreveport, Louisiana on the North American continent on Earth.

She attended Starfleet Academy with Michael Owens where they met. They became close friends and often spent time together. In an alternate timeline their relationship developed beyond friendship but then fell apart after Owens admitted to being in love with a different woman while carrying on with Donners. In that timeline, Donners came to deeply resent Owens for what he had done. (The Star Eagle Adventures: Tempus Fugit)

Donners was a charming, beautiful woman of African-American descent, with aspirations of becoming a starship captain before Michael Owens. She fell short of her goal, gaining her own command a year after her friend became captain of the USS Eagle.

Her first assignment was as helmsman on the newly commissioned USS Saber in 2356. Donners later switched to engineering and eventually became the chief engineer on the USS Columbia where she was shortly reunited with newly promoted first officer Michael Owens.

She served on Columbia for five years before becoming first officer on the USS Bellerophon in 2367. An assignment which lasted only a few months. She was recruited in that same year to become Admiral Samson Glover's adjunct and first officer of Deep Space 5.

In 2372 Donners was promoted to the rank of captain and given command of the USS Agamemnon.

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