Commander Amorin in 2378

Commander Amorin was a Benzenite who serves as First Officer onboard the USS Silverfin, a border cutter assigned to the Third Cutter Squadron along the Talarian border during the 2370s. (Border Cutter Silverfin)

Onboard the USS Silverfin[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant Amorin first set foot onboard the Silverfin in 2367, when he was assigned as Chief Engineering Officer.  He quickly proved himself to be a miracle worker, whose fast thought out solutions and ideas allowed the cutter to get the job done.  Despite his unusual appearance, he quickly settled in with the crew and developed many friendships over the years.  By the time Susanna Leijten came aboard in 2370, he was already a Lieutenant Commander and served as Second Officer (a position he accepted grudgingly and didn't see as important as his duties in Engineering).  In 2371, he took on a new Assistant Chief Engineer, Lieutenant JG Elak th'Shaan.  Though young, th'Shaan was gifted, so Amorin did all he could to nurture his natural talent.

In 2375, following the death of Captain Hilgrat Ja-Inrosh, Leijten asked him to be her new First Officer.  To begin with he refused the position, not seeing himself ready for the role, but with substantial crew losses across the fleet it seemed unlikely they would get a suitable replacement.  After Leijten asked him again, as a favour to her, he accepted, believing that the post would only be temporary.  With his new role came a promotion to Commander.  Over the years he has become more comfortable in his position, proving to be a solid XO who ensures that all orders are carried out quickly and effectively.  One oddity he has developed though, is that even when he is in command of the Bridge, he refuses to take the centre seat, instead he prefers to stand at his full height.

Background information[edit | edit source]

The photomanipulation of Commander Amorin, voiced by Tony Todd, was made FltCpt. Bossco.

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