Amp (or Armond Virus Hologram) was a Starfleet sentient hologram in the late 24th century, transformed into a computer virus by Captain Jet. Amp operated as flight controller aboard the USS Phoenix-X, and was programmed in the likeness of Lieutenant Commander Armond. His program lasted well into the 36th century. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Occurrence, Part I & II", Star Trek: Vitality)

History[edit | edit source]

Amp was created and engineered aboard the USS Shark by its crew upon the request of Admiral Theseus. Theseus, who was working with Section 31 at the time, had intended on experimenting the use of a holographic Starfleet officer aboard the Bridge of a starship. The idea was inspired by the Emergency Command Hologram concept, created aboard the USS Voyager. Amp was to be tested aboard the Phoenix-X as tactical officer and be created in the likeness of Armond.

The first test was its personality subroutines; to see if the crew would recognize that Armond had been replaced with a hologram. The testing fell through as Captain Jet had embedded a virus in the programming when he discovered it was to be used aboard the Phoenix-X. When the program was installed aboard the Phoenix-X, an attack on the ship had led to the revelation that Armond was actually a hologram. Soon after, Jet's written algorithms of harmful intentions toward the Phoenix-X were deleted - but the virus itself was unable to be deleted. Fortunately, the program was no real harm to the ship in its present state, and Amp was given a position at the helm. ("Occurrence, Part I & II")

In 2382, he and the crew of the Phoenix-X traveled to the 29th century where he infected the temporal drives on all the time-travel capable Na'kuhl ships. The infection left the Na'kuhl with barely any time-travel capability at all. ("Temporal Doom! Part II")

Two years later, Amp would be offered a position within Section 31 as an undercover operative (as Wallace had been offered at one time). The only difference was that Amp's position would be to spy on the Breen, on their homeworld. He quickly accepted and left the Phoenix-X aboard a Farian starship. ("Forbidden Crossing, Part I")

In the 36th century, Amp assisted Starfleet clones aboard the USS Vitality in returning an Omni-sphere to the High Command. (Star Trek: Vitality)

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Background information[edit | edit source]

  • In the episodes, "Occurrence, Part I & II", Amp was in disguise as Armond, thus he was referred to and his character was written as Armond.
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