Andrus Wrenn, nephew of famed first contact specialist Tam Elbrun, was the Starfleet Marine commanding officer on the USS Striker (NCC-63420). Andrus has an below average psionic ability, yet was one of the valued members of the Striker. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet, Star Trek Crusader)

History[edit | edit source]

Born on Betazed, Andrus was Tam Elbrun's first nephew. Although Tam never visited him while he was young. Unlike his uncle, he had a below average psionic abilities, which meant most of his adolescence was spent quiet, and to himself. The only true friend he had was a fair haired Betazoid female named Ariel. They were such good friends in 2371 her parents arranged a planned wedding, that the Elbruns never took lightly, and were actually insulted at the prospect.

With the occupation of Betazed during the Dominion War, Andrus would run away from home to fight the Dominion occupation forces. After getting a hold of some Dominion munitions, he successfully took out 3 key supply stations. He was captured in 2375, and scheduled to be executed, but with the end of the war he was released, and hailed a hero at age 14. In 2376 he was to enter an university in Betazed, but instead enrolled to the Starfleet Federation Marine Corps.

Andrus the marine[edit | edit source]

By 2380 he would graduate, and be stationed on Deep Space 10. He would serve under command of Lieutenant Colonel Deragon Lucifel. Andrus felt comfortable as he, and Deragon shared the same below normal psionic abilities. Multiple altercations with the Malon, and the Hirogen made Andrus more battle hardened. In 2382 he received a transmission from Tamia Wrenn, expressing that he was going to lose his betrothed Ariel if he didn't return to Betazed. When he arrived, Ariel had joined Starfleet, and was under the impression Andrus had no interest in her. After resolving their issues, a wedding date was arranged. In 2385 they were finally married.

Mister Wrenn[edit | edit source]

In 2386, Andrus transferred to the 123rd Fighter Squadron. With a post made available on the USS Striker, Captain Damien Lucifel made him Marine commanding officer. Ariel was posted as well on the Striker as an operations officer.

In 2387, his fighters scrambled against the Zentradi during the shock wave incident.

In 2388 his away team prepared to rescue 3 Starfleet officers on a out of control Pirate ship.

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Star Trek Crusader: "Of Friends, or Foes"

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