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Angelica Bennett was the First Officer and Tactical Officer of the USS Tamerlane from 2265 to 2270.


Though living through a rather traumatic career, Angie was a calm and cool influence on her fellow crewmates. A tragic accident in 2257 wounded Angie very badly. The reconstruction surgeries left Angie with a shock of grey hair and mismatched eye color. This had the unfortunate effect of unnerving people who meet her for the first time. This never managed to diminish her personality, however. Indeed she seemed to derive a certain quirky enjoyment from it. Angie was rarely angry or upset. Enjoying the simpler things in life, she preferred to live life in a bemused and cheerful manner, making her an interesting foil to the flippant Commander Cochrane.

Early Life and Career[]

Born on Earth in Paris, Angelica was the only child of Jessica and Stephen Bennett. At a very young age, Angie showed a great aptitude for science and math. When she entered Starfleet in 2250 Angie went straight into the sciences program. Immediately out of the Academy, Angie was stationed on the USS Diana which she served on until the Diana met her destruction in 2257. Bennett was the only surviving bridge officer. She, along with the other 12 surviving crewmen were rescued by the USS Mars but Bennett herself was too badly injured to recover. She was taken out of the service and remanded to Starfleet Medical for rehabilitation.

Angie spent seven years at Starfleet Medical undergoing rehab and reconstructive surgeries.

In 2264 Angie Bennett returned to service. The injuries she sustained, however, prevented her from returning to the Sciences branch. She traded in her sciences uniform for a services uniform and began rising through the ranks quickly as a Tactical officer.

When Julienne Cochrane assumed command of the USS Tamerlane in 2265, she handpicked Angie Bennett as her first officer.

The Tamerlane[]

Angie Bennett served through the majority of the last five year cruise of the Tamerlane. Cochrane often reported that Bennett was arguably the finest first officer the Tamerlane ever had.

Family and personal life[]

Angie rarely gets involved with men or women on a very personal level. Her memory problems leave her with a permanent sense of detachment in her relationships.

author's note: As most of Tamerlane is character-driven, I'm reluctant to post any spoilers until they are revealed in the episodes themselves

Memorable quotes[]

"I was going to fly, there was going to be flying involved."
— Bennett to Cochrane
"Okay, new plan: Use my superior looks and beauty... You wouldn't hit a woman in a miniskirt and gogo boots, would you?"
— Bennett to a Bar Thug
"And that is why you are so much fun at game nights."
— Bennett to Cochrane