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The Anton-class light cruiser was a type of United Federation of Planets starship on active duty in the 23rd century. (FASA RPG: Federation Ship Recognition Manual)

Several ships of this class were upgraded in the late 23rd century to Reliant-class specs.

The Surya-class frigates (Ships of the Star Fleet) may have been an alternate continuity's nomenclature for the same vessel.

In One Possible Reality This was the Complete list of Anton-Class Vessels (2247-2252):

  • USS Anton (NCC-1860)
  • USS Tempest (NCC-1861)
  • USS Plato (NCC-1862)
  • USS Repulse (NCC-1863)
  • USS Reliant (NCC-1864)
  • USS Alamo (NCC-1866)
  • USS Condor (NCC-1867)
  • USS Georgia (NCC-1868)
  • USS Gallant (NCC-1869)
  • USS Renown (NCC-1870)
  • USS Invincible (NCC-1871)
  • USS Daring (NCC-1872)
  • USS Devastator (NCC-1873)
  • USS Courage (NCC-1874)
  • USS Achilles (NCC-1875)
  • USS Korolev (NCC-1876)
  • USS Courageous (NCC-1877)
  • USS Buenos Aires (NCC-1878)
  • USS Mondial (NCC-1879)
  • USS Brattain (NCC-1880)
  • USS Sturgeon (NCC-1881)
  • USS Lantree (NCC-1882)
  • USS Andover (NCC-1883)
  • USS Cortez (NCC-1884)
  • USS Valor (NCC-1885)
  • USS Tian an Men (NCC-1886)
  • USS Saratoga (NCC-1887)
  • USS Brisbane (NCC-1888)
  • USS Armstrong II (NCC-1889)
  • USS Cluster (NCC-1890)
  • USS Whorfin (NCC-1891)
  • USS Majestic (NCC-1892)
  • USS Nautilus (NCC-1893)
  • USS Victory (NCC-1894)
  • USS Sitak (NCC-1895)
  • USS Copernicus (NCC-1893)
  • USS Aloia (NCC-1897)
  • USS Kobayashi Maru II (NCC-1898)
  • USS Vengeance (NCC-1899)
  • USS Formidable (NCC-1900)
  • USS Triumph (NCC-1901)
  • USS Venerable (NCC-1902)
  • USS Champion (NCC-1903)
  • USS Ardent (NCC-1904)
  • USS Zephyr (NCC-1905)
  • USS Renegade (NCC-1906)
  • USS Sagittarius (NCC-1907)
  • USS Defender (NCC-1908)
  • USS Encounter (NCC-1909)
  • USS Emden (NCC-1910)
  • USS Rutherford (NCC-1911)
  • USS Tokyo (NCC-1912)
  • USS Concord (NCC-1913)
  • USS Chagaris (NCC-1914)
  • USS Hartt (NCC-1915)
  • USS Accommodator (NCC-1916)
  • USS Hoagland (NCC-1917)
  • USS Eradicator (NCC-1918)
  • USS Phoebus (NCC-1919)
  • USS Warspite (NCC-1920)
  • USS Daredevil (NCC-1921)
  • USS Brigand (NCC-1922)
  • USS Havoc (NCC-1923)
  • USS Malevolent (NCC-1924)
  • USS Nogura (NCC-1925)
  • USS Ranger II (NCC-1926)
  • USS Ruthless (NCC-1927)
  • USS Malicious (NCC-1928)
  • USS Pegasus Bay (NCC-1929)
  • USS Conqueror (NCC-1930)
  • USS Vindicator (NCC-1931)
  • USS Eradicator (NCC-1932)
  • USS Blade of Tellar (NCC-1933)
  • USS Glorious (NCC-1934)
  • USS Lifeforce (NCC-1935)
  • USS Regulator (NCC-1936)
  • USS Vanguard (NCC-1937)
  • USS Kortenauer (NCC-1938)
  • USS Kirkland (NCC-1939)
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