Ar'kon, a So'jan in the 24th century, was the Chancellor/King of the So'ja Coalition since 2379. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Rise to powerEdit

Ar'kon rose to power when he lead the So'ja Rebellion against the So'ja Republic as the rebellion's political leader. He had worked with Admiral Ru'mal and an obscure Colonel named Da'note, who would later become the an admiral and Supreme Commander of the military. In 2379, with the backing of most of the So'jan military, Ar'kon and his rebels attempt an successful coup d'état against President Ba'l and the So'ja Republic, which many so'jan people felt was a Federation puppet. ("The Removal, Part 2")

The CoalitionEdit

Ar'kon ruled over the Coalition as a dictator, the closest he could come to being king, which the So'ja previously had before their contact with the Federation. In 2380, Ar'kon accepted the help of the Romulan traitor L'mar to build clones and to incorporate Romulan technology into So'jan ships. Around the same time, Ar'kon began to be influenced by an outside source, namely Tyson Calok, who manipulated Ar'kon into naming him Chief Advisor.

Coalition WarEdit

also see: Coalition War

Under the influence of Tyson Calok, and with advice from his military leaders, Ar'kon began the process of rising tensions between the United Federation of Planets and the Coalition, even ordering the assassination of the Federation President, which failed. But the point was made, and war began in 2381. During the war, Ar'kon was still heavily influenced and manipulated by Calok, but he also made some independent decision, along with his military advisors to include the Di'gan as a war alley, since the Breen had been brought into the fold through Calok's insistence. ("Prime Target"; "Everything Changes"; "The Boolran Eye, Part 2")

Further ambitionsEdit

Ar'kon ambitions for power did not end with just being a Chancellor, where the So'jan Senate also had power. He wanted to be king, like his father-in-law. In 2382 he had the military leadership give him the crown during a session of the Senate and he declared himself King of the So'jan People. ("Torment and Woe")

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