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The Arc Forums were an online message board community which players who played video games on the Arc platform could discuss the games, seek help and connect with each other. In June 2015, game forums, including the Star Trek Online Forums, were consolidated (or migrated) into the Arc Forums as categories. Within the Star Trek Online Forums, in a sub-section called Ten Forward, players would post fan fiction, participate in Star Trek Online: Literary Challenges and role play. In a separate section, called The Foundry for Star Trek Online, players would discuss player-created Star Trek Online Foundry Missions.

Star Trek Online Forums[edit | edit source]

The Star Trek Online Forums were the online community which held sub-sections for fan fiction, Literary Challenges, both official and unofficial, role playing and Foundry Mission discussions. In 2015, the Forums were migrated to the Arc Forums where they were delegated to a Star Trek Online category.

Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge[edit | edit source]

See: Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge
(includes Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenges)

Fan fiction[edit | edit source]

Within the sub-section Ten Forward, players role played their own characters in the form of fan fiction. Many of the authors collaborated and posted in shared universes.

Some stories were posted individually.

Foundry Missions[edit | edit source]

Foundry Missions were player-created missions within Star Trek Online. The Arc Forums were used to discuss, work out, and collaborate on these missions.

See: Star Trek Online#Foundry missions

Role Playing[edit | edit source]

Ten Forward also housed allowable RPG (shortened as "RP") threads where users would write their characters interacting with other people's characters in a shared universe.

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Background information[edit | edit source]

  • The Star Trek Online Forums moved two times, with the Arc Forums being its third incarnation. On August 27, 2015, forum changes altered URL links to all discussion threads.

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