Arla was a female Starfleet officer who served in the sciences and engineering divisions of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in the 2260s. Her speciality was quantum mechanics and she had a friendship with fellow science officer Charlene Masters. (38589 Years Difference)

In 2266, Arla was enjoying herself in Recreation Room 6 when Charlie Evans walked past. Angered by the laughter, he froze all people in the room except Arla; instead he erased her face. She was restored to full health by the Thasians when they arrived to remove Evans from Human society. However, her face continued to ache, which led to her experimenting with various kinds of painkillers before finally giving up and choosing to live with the pain. (TOS: "Charlie X") (38589 Years Difference)

In 2268, she had resumed her position in the sciences division and been promoted to lieutenant junior grade. As the Enterprise was heading to Vulcan to pick up Ambassador Sarek for the Babel Conference, the whole ship and crew including Arla were duplicated. It is not known which Enterprise was the original, but one continued to Vulcan whilst the other was pulled into a possible far future.

Arla was one of 47 crewmembers to survive an attack from a rogue faction of the Adeptus Mechanicus, a religious group in the so-called Imperium of Man, that destroyed the Enterprise. She was left with the rest of the crew on the Garden World of Reolaz IV whilst the Imperium decided what to do with the Starfleet crew. Arla and Masters visited a pagoda in the planet's primary garden where they encountered an Eldar Warp Spider. This warrior told the pair the true reason for their travel to the 41st Millennium.

Arla then joined an away team led by Spock and Talunas aboard the derelict USS Miranda. Arla herself fought off several Daemonic attackers. However, a Chaos Sorcerer then appeared and cast a psychic attack that caused Arla to become faceless once again. She was still alive by the end of the mission, where it was noted she posed an interesting medical challenge. (38589 Years Difference)

Background note[edit | edit source]

Arla's name was invented for the fanfiction story 38589 Years Difference. She is intended to be two anonymous canon characters whom the author believed to look similar enough to be the same person. The first canon character is the crewman from Charlie X as mentioned above. The other is a crewman who appeared several times in the first season of Star Trek: The Original Series, including in The Alternative Factor, where she joined Masters for coffee.

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