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The Atlantis (NCC-05) was an NX-class starship in service in the 22nd century.

Specifications, details[]

Launched in 2157 with the registry NX-05, Atlantis was the pride of the Coalition Starfleet. Due to the mass escalation of the Earth-Romulan War, Atlantis was the first NX-class vessel to receive significant design alterations.

The first of three new style NX classes to be commissioned in 2157, Atlantis came fully equipped with finalised hull plating, photonic torpedoes, and (perhaps the most significant improvement) a newly added Engineering hull, the ship was one of the most advanced starships deployed by necessity for the war. The engineering hull included a completely new deflector system, and the first ever horizontal shuttlebays.


The mission patch for Atlantis, circa 2162.

Atlantis served with distinction during the War, assisting bravely in the Battle of Sector 2148 and the Battle of Cheron. At the conclusion of the war, all Coalition starships returned to their duties of exploration.

Terra Prime[]

After the conclusion of the war, the ship was re-registered as NCC-05, since the class of starship was no longer experimental. In 2162, while under the command of Captain Kori Barnes, Atlantis played host to a number of catastrophic and sadistic events perpetrated by the remnant of the human supremacist organization Terra Prime.

A secret member of the organization, Captain Barnes ordered Terra Prime loyalists to round up every alien crewmember on the starship where they were ritually executed in various fashions. Loyalists aboard Atlantis including Barnes, included the ship's executive officer and MACO Major. When the NCC-07, Poseidon came to investigate the ship, Atlantis opened fire on them. After Poseidon managed to disable Atlantis, Captain Ian Peters orchestrated an away mission with a MACO contingent and retook the ship. Captain Barnes committed suicide on the spot, and the carnage of all the murdered crewmembers had been discovered by the team of 1st Lieutenant Chris Clow.


Since Poseidon was hot on the trail of those responsible for the heinous acts aboard Atlantis, Captain Peters and his team left the ship in the care of a junior officer as they raced after Terra Prime. The ship later received a refit, was transferred to another Commanding Officer, and resumed a mission of exploration.


Although Atlantis' name was tarnished by these events, the ship went on to serve with great distinction until it was decommissioned in the late 22nd Century. Later, it was replaced by a Daedalus-class ship of the same name, as well as numerous other vessels on up through the 24th Century. (RPG: Star Trek: Poseidon - The Birth of the Federation)

A model of Atlantis was displayed in Captain Andrew Card's ready room aboard the Federation starship Atlantis (NCC-24851) in the 2360s. (Star Trek: Pendragon)


The ship was named after the lost city of Atlantis, from Ancient Greece's mythology.