Attack on the Laboratory is the third episode of Star Trek: The Stoneship Files.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]

(Stonedate 78571) Duke Kripke tasked Brianna Reiss and Akeelah of recapturing Starbase 148 with redshirts taken from Xita, while the Duke's forces are themselves defending the Monastir Fleet Yards. Brianna formulates a plan to retake the Klingon-held starbase before they get the supplies necessary to attack.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

While Cindy used a Cheetah-class cutter to place antimatter charges on an asteroid, the Enterprise dropped sensor jammers before it made its approach towards the starbase. Once the charges exploded, the IKS Gob'leH warped in and started engaging the Stoneship. After taking direct hits, the Klingon ship counter-jammed the Lyran ships before the Stoneship got an alpha strike coming its way, as well as a boarding party. In the meantime, the Enterprise beamed out its own assault party, complete with disruptor machineguns.

Part 3[edit | edit source]

After the Clouseau took a major hit in an attack run, an antimatter tank was exposed and, while Urie was assigned to a damage control team, the Stoneship took another alpha strike before hitting the fuel tank with a plasma torpedo, sending the GoB'leH to its destruction. In the meantime, Mijanou is confronted the assault party, with K'Tang provoking Akril to a disruptor pistol duel (and later losing it) while Mrazek is hacking the starbase's computer vault, finding out that the Stoneship engaged a Khin'Vagh-class dreadnought.

Part 4[edit | edit source]

Mijanou having surrendered, the Clouseau returned to a shipyard for repairs. Akeelah is made to command Starbase 148 and Mijanou became the first officer of the starbase, with Akeelah, Sulivac and Brianna deciding who the Enterprise's first officer should be, knowing that Goursat is going to command it. Plus, Brianna has been inducted in the Indigo Order.

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