The Aurora is a small space ship that operated in a lawless sector just outside the Federation around 2270. The Aurora is a refitted Monitor-class gunship, formerly used during the Earth-Romulan War. (Star Trek: Aurora)

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The Aurora was built by Kara Carpenter during the 2260s from the century-old, mothballed, decommissioned gunship USS Monitor. She replaced the warp drive, impulse engines, sensors, communications systems, and deflector shields with more modern equipment, added a navigation deflector where the forward laser cannon had been and upgraded the living areas.

She named her ship Aurora after Aurora 7, the Mercury-Atlas 7 spacecraft piloted by M. Scott Carpenter in 1962.

As of 2270 the Aurora was flying cargo to the Xaneerian system via a shortcut through the Thundercloud Nebula, taking advantage of the Aurora's heavy radiation shielding.


The ship has a main hull and two warp nacelles capable of warp factor 6 (or 5 when the cargo bay is full). The navigation deflector and bussard collectors have retractable armour matching the heavy armour of the original Monitor-class hull.

Inside it had the bridge, crew quarters for two, galley with food synthesizer, head, engineering, and a cargo bay.

It had escape pods but no shuttles or transporters.


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