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The Avalon Universe is a fan film series produced by Victoria Fox and Joshua Irwin. The first film “Ghost Ship” was released in 2018, with other entries “Avalon Lost” and “Demons” released in 2019.  Several films are planned for 2020.


The Avalon Universe film continuity takes place in an alternate universe. The Avalon Universe itself is a unique quantum reality whose historical development is somewhat parallel to the Prime universe, but separate and unique. Some of the same historical events such as the development of the United Federation of Planets, or the M-5 computer have taken place in both universes, but with subtle differences. This universe has served as the setting for several fan films including “Ghost Ship”, “Avalon Lost”, “Demons”, and "Air and Darkness".  Films which take place in this continuity, center around the story of this universe’s version of the USS Excalibur after its first crew was killed by the M-5 computer.

Episode list []

Films Released To Date
Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
Ghost Ship October 31 2018 A small away team gets more than they bargained for when they attempt to salvage a dead starship. 4140.8 2268
Avalon Lost

February 2 2019

A tragic accident offers a second chance at command for a reluctant Captain.

5472.7 2269
Demons October 31 2019 A mysterious alien artifact represents a grave threat to the security of the Federation. 5476.5 2269



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