Avkon Conglomeration
Emblem of the Conglomeration
Founded: 82 CE
Type: Matriarchal Monarchy
Head: Viis Ku-vuk
Abbreviation: AVCON
Status: Active

The Avkon Conglomeration (abbreviated AVCON) was the government of the Alvonians. (Star Trek: Far Horizons: "Conglomeration")

Founding Edit

During the dark ages, Alvon was controlled by several different Hives. The Avkon Hive, ruled by Queen Iveh, eventually came to dominate the rest of the Hives, combining them together to formed the Conglomeration. All other Queens were killed, leaving Iveh as the sole remaining Queen.

Structure Edit

The Conglomeration's governmental structure was simple. As an insectoid species, the Conglomeration was ruled by a matriarchy. Thirteen female elders sat on a council called the Iveh Council (named in honor of the first Avkon Hive Queen). Officially the Iveh Council acted as an advisory committee for the Queen, however, due the extreme age of the Queen, the Iveh Council actually precede over the Conglomeration as its rulers. The Iveh Council consisted of twelve members, whom were referred to as Archons. The eldest member was dubbed the High Archon, and was the de facto ruler of the council and the Conglomeration.

Military Edit

Structure Edit

All military personnel were male.

The Conglomeration's military structure was divided into three divisions: Command, Warrior, and Drone. The Command division was made up of the eldest warriors from the Warrior division. The supreme commander of the military was a high ranking general selected by the Iveh Council. The Warrior division carried out the orders of the Hive Command. The Drone division were the main workforce of the military.

Fleet Edit

The Conglomeration fleet was made up of cohorts of hive ships. Each cohort was under the command of Prefect, and each hive ship was under the command of a Intendant. Regional districts were controlled by Prefects of a higher rank than the cohorts. The fleet maintained the border and expansion of the Conglomeration.

The fleet also handled the culling of food, and oversaw its distribution. ("Conglomeration")

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