Avram Theodor ben Eliezer was a Starfleet line officer, and later cleric, of the 23rd century. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station).

ben Eliezer was born on 29 Elul 2232 to Ehud and Shoshana ben Eliezer on Hebron. His one sibling was an older sister, Ayelet, with whom he was very close. (Star Trek: Accord).

Avram ben Eliezer graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2256 and was assigned to the USS Accord as a navigation specialist.

2258: ben Eliezer transferred to the hospital ship USS John Mandeville as navigator and is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. (Years later, in 2285, he would be a civilian cleric on the Mandeville when it assisted a disabled Trill science ship.) (Star Trek: Shadowstar: "Rescue the Perishing")

At some point in the early 2260s, Avram married a woman named Sarah, an emigré from the Pan-Semite Union on Earth. On 17 Tishrei 2263, they became parents of a son, Noam.

By the mid-2270s, ben Eliezer had served as a commanding officer on two different starships. He retired from Starfleet and returned to Hebron to study at a theological seminary for several years.

In the 2290s, ben Eliezer was one of several clerics on Shadowstar Station, ministering to the officers and civilians belonging to the Jewish faith there. (Star Trek: Shadowstar: "Pomp and Circumstantial Evidence")


His older sister, Ayelet ben Eliezer, was chief medical officer of USS Accord when it disappeared in 2263. (Star Trek: Accord: "Year One") A granddaughter, Shoshana ben Eliezer (II), was a wife of Andreas Kitabatu al-'Qalb in the 24th century. (Star Trek: Shadowstar: "Blindspot")

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Background information Edit

"Avram" (Hebrew, father of many) is after the founder of the Jewish people. "Theodor" (from the Greek "Theodoros", God's gift) is after Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism. His surname is after Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, Israeli politician and former mililtary officer. "Eliezer" means God is [my] help in Hebrew.

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