Star Trek Expanded Universe
Species: Klingon
Gender: female
Affiliation: Klingon-Cardassian Alliance
Stationed: Commander, Bird-of-Prey Nok'lar
"Bhosh di'goJ! It is true what I have heard about you, hev'betoQ. You ARE insane."
"If I am, you made me that way.
— B'Eryn and Stephen April, during their meeting on Organia.

B'Eryn, commander of the Bird-of-Prey Nok'Lar, claimed to represent a growing faction of Klingons dissatisfied with their alliance with the Cardassians. Stephen April met with her on Organia under a flag of truce, at the behest of Sunni Moon.

B'Eryn was described physically as foul and smelly, like most mirror Klingons, with deep, brooding fiery eyes, sharp, jagged yellow teeth, a swarthy complexion and an earthy stench, as though she had worn musk cologne.

Meeting with April, B'Eryn was given an ultimatum: In order to spare the Klingons from annihilation at the hands of the Empire, she and her fellow malcontents would be forced to convince the Klingon High Council to attack the Cardassians themselves. B'Eryn agreed to the ultimatum under duress. As an additional indignation, she and her crew were forced to salute the Empire before April and an away team from the ISS Arcadia.

Following the discovery of a living Sunni Moon, it was learned that B'Eryn was to have handed Moon over to her twin at the meeting. In retaliation, April pursued B'Eryn's Bird-of-Prey, with the Arcadia under cloak. Following her capture, she was placed in an agony booth while the rest of her crew were to be executed. She was intended as an example, to have her "suffering become legendary". April considered making her a "successor" to Luna.

Alexis Crimson later learned that B'Eryn was the contact of one Captain Xelix, a Betazoid in collusion with the Alliance.

Under questioning by April, B'Eryn proved to be the only one who seemed as unafraid of April as he was of Klingons, to the point of never protesting her capture where others of her crew, upon release from the agony booths, collapsed and did not speak, becoming, to her perspective, "like those arena whores", resigned to their fates.

B'Eryn spent a total of thirteen hours in the agony booth. At close to three hours, April checked upon her; unsatisfied, he ordered an increase in intensity, eventually causing her to break, screaming wildly. At five hours, her vocal cords ruptured but continued to emit a gargled hiss. She stopped at eight, resuming her initial resistance.

Following the completion of their "interrogation", her crew was marched to the firing line. However, April arranged a special trial for B'Eryn. Offering her a dagger, they engaged in a fight that ended with the discovery of Neria on Bartok. Ultimately B'Eryn became one of the neuralizer's victims; yet it was noted that despite this, her will was not completely destroyed. (Star Trek: New Empire)

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