Bait and Switch is the unofficial title for a series of Star Trek Online fan fiction short stories and novellas by StarSword and Worffan101 revolving around their STO player characters and crews.


The title initially belonged to a mission written by StarSword for Foundry for Star Trek Online, "Bait and Switch", which the author adapted into a novelization starring his STO character Kanril Eleya, Bait and Switch. He then began to take part in the Star Trek Online Literary Challenges hosted on what is now the Arc Forums, later introducing further characters Brokosh and Morgaiah t'Thavrau.

Worffan101 merged his own story continuity starring D'trel and Lieutenant Rachel Connor with StarSword's series beginning with the two-parter Saith Daepahr hrrafv Llaiirevha, a collaboration for "The Return of the Revenge of the Unofficial LC of DOOM!". The authors are currently working on a series of novelizations of the Iconian War story arc.

Continuity Edit

With Star Trek OnlineEdit

For the most part Bait and Switch follows STO's story progression; however, there are differences.

With other fan fiction continuitiesEdit

Kanril Eleya has made appearances in two stories in the Masterverse, which StarSword has declared to be an alternate timeline from the Bait and Switch series (which hews much closer to STO's canon).

StarSword's other character Tyria Sark was stated to be exclusive to the Masterverse and not take part in the Bait and Switch series.


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Title Publishing Date Lead Character Format Notes
Bait and Switch 29 September 2013 Kanril Eleya novella novelization of "Bait and Switch"
Red Fire, Red Planet 24 March 2014 Brokosh novella novelization of "Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning"
"An Anomalous Nightmare" 12 May 2014 Kanril Eleya short story Literary Challenge 63: Nightmare Anomaly
Legacy of ch'Rihan 11 June 2014 Morgaiah t'Thavrau novella
Reality Is Fluid 15 June 2014 Kanril Eleya two-parter Literary Challenge 64: The New Frontier
The Headhunt 5 July 2014 Dul'krah, Clan Korekh two-parter Literary Challenge 65: Myths & Lore
The Wrong Reflection 13 July 2014 Kanril Eleya novella novelization of "The Other Side"
"The Universe Doesn't Cheat" 28 July 2014 Kanril Eleya short story Unofficial Literary Challenge 1: The Kobayashi Maru
From Bajor to the Black 1 August 2014 Kanril Eleya two-parter Literary Challenge 66: The Xindi Paradox (prompt #2)


  • StarSword's author's notes and forum posts usually include a cast list for the story in question. For example, Kanril Eleya is always said to be voiced by Jennifer Hale (in the voice of the female Commander Shepard).

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