For the mirror universe counterpart, see Bajor (mirror).

Bajor is the Class M homeworld of the Bajorans, located near the Bajoran wormhole in the Alpha Quadrant.

Astronomical DataEdit

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Names Edit

  • Bajor
  • Bajora

Moons Edit

According to the DS9 episode "The Nagus", Bajor has three moons.

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Bajor is the home of one of the Alpha Quadrant's oldest, and most spiritual, civilizations. Bajoran history stretches back more than fifty millennia. In ancient times, Bajor had an impact on several worlds in nearby sectors, including Cardassia. In recent times, however, it was only in the late 24th century that the world became a major player on the galactic scale, and then, only after the long dark night of the Cardassian Occupation from 2328 to 2369.

With the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole shortly after the Cardassian withdrawal, Bajor was catapulted to strategic prominence, and gradually entered galactic politics. Applying for Federation membership in 2369, Bajor was officially accepted in 2373, however membership was delayed by the Dominion War.

Geography Edit

Dahkur is one of Bajor's major cities. There are three major continents on the planet.

Land formations:

  • Cliffs of Undahar
  • Dahkur Hills
  • Fire Caves
  • Janitza Mountains
  • Kendra Valley
  • Kola Mountain
  • Northwest peninsula
  • Perikian Peninsula
  • Ratosha Pass
  • Sahving Valley
  • Tanis Canyon
  • Trilar Peninsula

Bodies of waterEdit

Due to a slight green tint in the planet's atmosphere, Bajor's seas appear green when viewed from space.


  • Glyrhond River
  • Holana River
  • Teejan river
  • Yolja River
    • Qui'al dam


  • Dahkur Province
  • Golar Province
  • Hendrikspool Province
  • Hill Province
  • Janitza Province
  • Kendra Province
  • Lonar Province
  • Musilla Province
  • Rakantha Province

Cities and townsEdit

  • Ashalla (capital city)
  • Adarak
  • B'hala
  • Dahkur
  • Hathon
  • Ilvia
  • Jalanda City
  • Janir
  • Jo'Kala
  • Karvis
  • Kran-Tobal
  • Lasuma
  • Relliketh
  • Tamulna
  • Tempasa

Labor campsEdit

(during the Cardassian occupation)
  • Batal
  • Gallitep
  • Singha refugee camp

Points of interestEdit

  • Calash monastery
  • Dakeen monastery
  • Jalanda Forum
  • Temple of Iponu

Flora and faunaEdit

  • Barrowbug
  • Bajoran bat
  • Carnivorous rastipod
  • Cave-wasp
  • Hara cat
  • Palukoo (moon)

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