Bajoran script, Reckoning text

Ancient and modern Bajoran script. (DS9: "The Reckoning")

The Bajoran language was a group of extant and extinct languages spoken by the Bajorans. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Spoken languageEdit

The main modern language, referred to in Bajoran as Bajor'la, was a simplified version of the Old High Bajoran, or Bajor'ara, spoken by the Bajora people in ancient times. In the 10th century CE, the Bajora developed Bajor'la to communicate with their conquests. By modern times Bajor'la had completely replaced Old High Bajoran except among the Bajoran religion's clergy. (Bait and Switch: "A Changed World")

Several regional dialects of Bajor'la existed, and native speakers could identify each other's homelands by their pronunciation. (The War of the Masters: "Remembrance of the Fallen")

Written languageEdit

The Bajoran language was ideographic; that is, each rune represented a single thought rather than a sound. The ideograms had evolved over time, such as in the ancient language used on the Reckoning Tablet discovered in the ruins of B'hala in 2374: each ideogram on the Reckoning Tablet corresponded to two Bajor'la ideograms. (DS9: "The Reckoning")


Established words and phrasesEdit

The word seems to be a reference to the Arabic phrase "Insha'Allah", "God willing".

Religious conceptsEdit


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