Barbara Clairidge

Captain Barbara Clairidge of the USS Odyssey

Barbara Clairidge was a Starfleet officer in the late-24th and early 25th centuries. During her career, she served aboard the USS Vanguard before commanding the USS Odyssey in 2399. (Vanguard Fleet, Typhon Station).

Clairidge was born on Phoebus Rae, Mars, to Terran parents, 'famous' scientists working with a Eugenics project the Federation had established. Public sentiment turned against the project, and Phoebus Rae Mountain was burned out, a la the old Frankenstein movie, by the villagers. "Monster-making" was the charge. Those who could escape did, including Clairidge's parents. They were driven from place to place, like dead people walking. Shortly thereafter, the Federation erected a plaque to the dead, honoring them as great scientific heroes.

Clairidge's eugenic alteration was such that she was a touch telepath. With an ideal ability for diagnosis, she went to Vulcan to study medicine and telepathy. She stayed on Vulcan for many years, studied Kolinahr, and became a Vulcan national. She was even adopted by one of the eight oldest clans on Vulcan as a full inheriting clansdaughter, an act which divided opinion on the Vulcan Council. The Council honored her accomplishments greatly, though most likely because she spent so much time off-world. There was still a large separatist faction on Vulcan, who would never view Clairidge as one of their own. Nonetheless, Clairidge considered herself a full Vulcan, as she was.

In FGN continuity, Admiral Clairidge was murdered aboard the USS Vanguard in 2405.
In Star Trek: Pendragon continuity, Captain Clairidge was a friend and mentor of Timothy Sinclair. At some point in time, he attended her funeral on Vulcan, along with Samok. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Lasting Virtue")
In Typhon Station continuity, Captain Clairidge retired to Vulcan to study advanced Vuclan Healing techniques. In an alternate timeline, she became mystical leader of an insurgent faction..

Memorable quotesEdit

"We sail together, or we do not sail."
— Captain Barbara Clairidge, on loyalty to her crew. (Typhon Station)


This character was created and played by the late Dr. Barbara Horwitz, originally as part of the Federation Gaming Network's Vanguard Fleet, where she rose to the rank of admiral. After Dr. Horwitz' departure from the FGN, that group continued to use the character as an NPC. When Barbara later founded the Typhon Station game, she resurrected the character, but at her preferred rank of captain.

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