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The Baton Rouge class was a Federation Starfleet cruiser-type starship. Ships of this class were divided into two types, light cruisers and escort cruisers, both introduced in 2236. Cruiser variants (NCC-1550-1569) began undergoing refits in 2278; the escorts (NCC-1570-1599) started receiving refits in 2281, with an additional Aegis-type refit in 2285. (Star Fleet Battles,

Baton Rouge-class cruisers would have been among the capital ship classes on the front lines during the Battle of Donatu V as well as other skirmishes with such threat forces as the Klingon Empire.

By the 2330s, the Baton Rouge class was officially retired around the same time the Constitution-class. However, over 20 Baton-Rouge class starships remained in the "Mothball Fleet" in the Starfleet Museum.(Citation needed)

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