Battle of Deep Space Five
Part of Coalition War
Date: 2381
Location: Oralian sector, Deep Space Five
Result: Coalition victory
Starfleet So'ja Coalition
Captain Curtis Antony, Lieutenant Albert Buerk Colonel Jak'dal
DS5 auto-defense system, plus numerous security personnel 1 Revenge-class Battleship
none none
2 DS5 Security Officers none
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Battle of the Trajan Nebula

The Battle of Deep Space Five was a brief fight between Starfleet and Coalition forces that took place on May 3, 2381. (Star Trek: Pioneer)


So'jan forces freed the prisoners at the Rizac V penal facility. Lieutenant Albert Buerk entered the office of Admiral Jonathan Dutton to discuss the reports of the aforementioned event. He found the Admiral acting strangely. He was about to call for Dr. Ernie Coddle when the station went to red alert.


Station security entered the Admiral's office with an arrest warrant (as well as information from Starfleet Command confirming Dutton as a clone). Buerk attempted to arrest the Admiral, but he resisted, in the process killing two security officers.

Meanwhile the CWS Jak'gi came out of warp and engaged the auto-defenses of Deep Space Five. The battleship took the station's shields out quickly, then transported the Dutton clone aboard.

While station personnel scrabbled to their posts in an attempt to retrieve the arrant Admiral, the Jak'gi went to warp, escaping.


The Jonathan Dutton clone escaped and the Coalition War began. ("The Hornet's Nest")

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