Battle of Kellar Prime
Part of Federation-Kellarian conflict
Date: Stardate 60615.2
Location: Kellar Prime
Result: Federation victory
United Federation of Planets Kellarian Republic
Captain Richard Boswell Fleet Admiral Tobak
3 Gustav P. Remington-class vessels 7 Kellarian cruisers
None 3 cruisers destroyed, 2 disabled
unknown Fleet Admiral Tobak, many others

The Battle of Kellar Prime occurred when the USS Gustav P. Remington entered the system to transport Tevok, the leader of the Kellarian Revolution, to the planet in the hopes that he could start a revolution overthrowing The 17. The Remington, accompanied by the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Phoenix, initially attempted to negotiate with Tobak, the commander of the Kellarian System Defense Forces, but when Captain Boswell mentioned that he knew of the existence of The 17, the Kellarian vessels opened fire. Initially, Remington was able to destroy one ship, but came under fire from five more. The Theodore Roosevelt and Phoenix managed to draw the fire away from the Remington, which moved within transporter range and beamed Tevok down to the planet. Remington was soon pursued by two more cruisers, but maneuvered into an asteroid belt, and in a brilliant tactical gambit, warped just to the outside of the asteroid belt and, taking advantage of the Kellarian cruisers' less-advanced navigational instruments, fired on the asteroid belt, igniting the triamaphasic ore in the belt and destroying the two cruisers. Meanwhile, the Theodore Roosevelt and Phoenix, working in tandem, managed to destroy two of the cruisers and disable another. After seeing most of their vessels destroyed, the remaining cruisers retreated. (Star Trek: Remington: "Inceptum")

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