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Battle of Minark
Part of Coalition War
Massacre at Minark.
Date: 2382
Location: Oralian sector
Result: Coalition victory
United Federation of Planets So'ja Coalition
Captain Sarah Tellening Tyson Calok
30 Starfleet vessels + USS Stefansson 50 Revenge-class Battleship, 25 Destroyers, 20 Warships, 4 Fighter wings, 1 Mass Driver
11 Starfleet vessels damaged, and 9 Starfleet vessels destroyed 6 battleships, 5 warships, 3 destroyers, and several figthers
9 starship crews, and various injured personnel 14 starship crews, various pilots, and 1 corporal
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Submission of Koma

The Battle of Minark was a major battle of the Coalition War. It took place between the United Federation of Planets and So'ja Coalition in 2382. (Star Trek: Pioneer: "Torment and Woe")

Preparation[edit | edit source]

The CWS Revenge and the 3rd Command Group attack the planet of Minark to attract the Federation attention. After sensing the Mass Driver's attacks, the Federation sends a fleet to mass in orbit of the planet Paos, where they prepare to warp to Minark. Captain Sarah Tellening is placed in command of the fleet.

The battle[edit | edit source]

Beginning[edit | edit source]

Once the Starfleet Third Fleet warped into the Minark system, the USS Crockett and USS Ulysses were destroyed by the So'jan fleet. The first thing that the Third noticed was that the planet was not destroyed, just heavily damaged. Captain Tellening broke the fleet into four groups, one with the USS Skyfox in command, the other with the USS Pioneer, and the other two under the USS Ticonderoga and USS José Mendez.

Commander L'mar watched the battle from a distance on the Mass Driver, hidden behind the dark side of the planet.

The José Mendez and its group took the right flank, during which the USS Endeavour and the USS Panama became damaged.

The Ticonderoga and its group took the left flank and engaged fifteen hybrid-battleships, ten destroyers, and five warships. The USS Omaha was damaged during the first meeting between the two opposing fleets.

Skyfox 's group and the Pioneer 's group attacked the center of the enemy line. The USS Horatio was hit while protecting the Skyfox. The USS Fleming and USS Kransnowsky destroyed one of the so'jan battleships. The USS Fortune rammed another battleship and the USS Shadowcat, USS Lincoln, and Ticonderoga finished it off.

Meanwhile the Pioneer and her group swarm around twelve battleships, five destroyers, and four warships. The USS Repulse and the USS Jefferson took out two warships, while the Pioneer, USS Hood, and USS Marques took out a battleship. Calok ordered the CWS Revenge to fire upon the USS Merrimack, destroying it with a pulse cannon. The Merrimack 's saucer section struck the Fleming 's right nacelle.

Middle[edit | edit source]

The USS Independence and the USS Pinafore, along with the USS Wellington try and destroy a destroyer, but fighter crafts disabled the Wellington, causing the ship to impact shields with the USS Panama. The Panama then lost containment of their hull breaches, began rolling out of control, and rammed into the port side of a so'jan warship. The USS Ticonderoga and USS Sutherland got attacked by a battleship, and the Sutherland lost a nacelle in the exchange. The USS Lincoln swooped in and tried to save the Sutherland, but was destroyed when two destroyers rammed into her.

The USS Skyfox, USS Horatio, and USS Brittany tried to attack the Revenge, but a warship, along with fighters intercepted them and stalled their advance. The Brittany stalled, its nacelles and deflector became damaged.

Meanwhile, Calok sent orders to L'mar to target the planet with the Mass Driver and finish the job of destroying Minark.

The USS Zhukov and USS Pinafore, along with the Independence and USS José Mendez destroyed three destroyers and two warships. While the Horatio spun out of control, Tellening gave them the order to withdraw. The USS Charleston took the Horatio's place in the Third's lines. The USS Omaha and Ticonderoga destroyed a battleship, but a flanking battleship fired upon them and damaged the Omaha.

Meanwhile, the Zhukov was struck in the deflector dish by a fighter. The ship was then bombarded by enemy fire and was destroyed. The USS Crazy Horse, USS Repulse and USS Pioneer, along with the USS Persephone broke through the lines. During the attack, the Persephone was damaged. While they battled above, the USS Fleming burnt up in the Minark atmosphere.

End[edit | edit source]

The USS Skyfox, and USS Kransnowsky broke through the lines, and headed towards the Mass Driver. But two warships engaged them and damaged the Kransnowsky. The USS José Mendez and USS Pinafore struck at two battleships, with the USS Thomas Paine. The USS Pioneer, USS Crazy Horse, and USS Jefferson rushed to assist, and the later two were damaged in the melee.

The Third Fleet began to fall apart.

In an attempt to stop the Mass Driver, the USS Repulse attempted to ram the firing chamber, only to be obliterated by a plasma projectile.

Captain Tellening gave the order to retreat after seeing the Repulse get destroyed.

Calok turned the CWS Revenge onto the Pioneer. Just as he is about to fire his primary weapon, the USS Stefansson warped in and took most of the plasma discharge.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The planet of Minark was completely bombarded by the Mass Driver, and the Coalition took the upper hand in the war, taking the Tealuian territory surrounding Minark, as well as other Tealuian controlled planets. When arriving back at Deep Space Five, while dropping out of warp, the USS Jefferson experiences a deflector dish malfunction, which caused the starship to explode; killing all hands onboard. ("Dawn")

Later the battle would be referred to as the Massacre at Minark. ("Internal")

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